The Kepler Asteroseismic Science Operations Center provides asteroseismological data from the NASA Kepler mission to astronomers who are members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC).

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4th Jun 2018: K2FOV Tool updated

The K2FOV tool has been updated to the newest version (8.0.0), which includes the coordinates for campaign 20.

23rd Apr 2018: Scheduled Downtime: 25th April

On Wednesday 25th April, we will be doing some scheduled maintenance of our servers, so KASOC will be unavailable most of the day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

15th Sep 2017: C13 data is available

...and today it is the C13 data that has been made available for download. As always, remember to take a look at the data release document before diving into the data.

Kepler & K2 News

19th Jun 2018: Save the date for Kepler & K2 Science Conference V: March 4-8, 2019

The Kepler & K2 Science Conference V will take place March 4-8, 2019, in Glendale, California. The Kepler spacecraft launched on March 6, 2009 aboard a Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. This meeting will be a celebration of Kepler's 10 years in space and will …

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13th Jun 2018: New in lightkurve: saving a lightcurve as a FITS file

The new lightkurve Python package for Kepler and K2 data analysis, which we first announced in March, contains a new feature: to_fits().

The feature solves a common use case for authors of custom lightcurves who wish to share their lightcurves with collaborators or contribute them to MAST as a High …

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5th Jun 2018: Release of Driftscan Full Frame Images

The Kepler spacecraft recently executed a short pilot program to demonstrate the acquisition of unique calibration data using a new, experimental data collection mode that requires no extra fuel. On May 10-11, 2018, during the K2 Campaign 17 (C17) Deep Space Network (DSN) downlink, the spacecraft collected and downlinked five …

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Recently published scientific publications

  • P. G. Beck: Seismic probing of the first dredge-up event through the eccentric red-giant/red-giant spectroscopic binary KIC9163796
    Updated: Tue 19th June 2018 19:09.
  • M. Vrard: Amplitude and lifetime of radial modes in red giant star spectra observed by Kepler
    Updated: Mon 18th June 2018 11:53.
  • Jie Yu: Asteroseismology of 16000 Kepler red giants: Global oscillation parameters, Masses, and Radii
    Updated: Mon 4th June 2018 10:49.
  • Marc Hon: Detecting Solar-like Oscillations in Red Giants with Deep Learning
    Updated: Sat 2nd June 2018 13:15.
  • Marc Hon: Deep Learning Classification in Asteroseismology Using an Improved Neural Network: Results on 15000 Kepler Red Giants and Applications to K2 and TESS Data
    Updated: Sat 2nd June 2018 13:15.
  • Travis Metcalfe: The Impact of Gaia DR1 on Asteroseismic Inferences from Kepler
    Updated: Wed 21st March 2018 18:35.
  • S. Hekker: Gravity mode offset and properties of the evanescent zone in red-giant stars
    Updated: Wed 14th March 2018 22:02.

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