Information for new members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium

The procedure for accepting new members contains the following steps:

  1. New members will need to register via the KASOC webpage (See below). There is no non-disclosure agreement. We require that members of KASC follow the policies and strategies as described in KASC Strategies and Policies in the Extended Kepler Mission (DASC/KASOC/041).
  2. During registration you will need to sign-up for membership of one og more of the KASC working groups:
    1. Solar-like Oscillations
    2. Oscillating stars in open clusters
    3. Main Sequence "classical" pulsators
    4. RR Lyrae stars and Cepheids
    5. RGB oscillations
    6. Compact pulsators
    7. Mira- and Semi-regular variables
    8. Public Outreach and public KASC webpage
      No chair appointed.
  3. After registration you will get access to all KASC-data. You will also be contacted by the WG-chair(s) of the relevant working group(s) with the aim of discuss the coordination of work within the WG's.
  4. Note that:
    • All KASC members have unrestricted access to all KASC-data in KASOC. Access is password controlled and data downloads are logged.
    • KASC is based on collaboration and we expect that all members that contribute significantly to a given data set (analysis, modelling, ground-based follow-up etc.) should have the possibility to be on publications related to that given data set. Decisions on authorship will take place at the WG-level and we encourage collaboration.
    • All data are public and the WG-publication guidelines need to ensure that KASC-membership is a benefit compared to non-KASC members.
    • Any publication that will be submitted shall follow the "Specific guidelines for publications" given on page 6 and 7 in DASC/KASOC/041.
    • Papers can be submitted at any time but any paper should go through a KASC review before it is submitted to a journal.
    • It is important that new KASC members read the document on "KASC Strategies and Policies in the Extended Kepler Mission" (DASC/KASOC/041).

Any questions regarding the above procedures or the KASC policies, can be directed to Hans Kjeldsen (

New KASC member registration form

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